Crowd patterns of behaviour

A talk by Alan Penn

crowd-patterns-of-behaviourAlan Penn, Professor of Architectural and Urban Computing at The Bartlett, University College London, will talk about 'space syntax' research into the way that the design of spaces within and between buildings affects the way that people move through them. He will focus on what this research tells us about shoppers, shopping and retail environments.

The research raises intriguing questions about the way that people find their way and how this generates specific relationships between the shop owner and the shopper.

Space Syntax is an advanced spatial technology as well as a highly influential theory of architecture and town planning. It was originally developed by Professor Bill Hillier and his colleagues at University College London (UCL), one of Europe’s premier research universities.

The network of Space Syntax companies works closely with UCL in 
shaping knowledge to advance the technology, informing practice by disseminating the technology through training and policy formation and creating places by applying the technology through planning and design consultancy.

Space Syntax is the world’s first computer-based modelling technique to treat cities and buildings ‘space first’, that is as the network of spaces we use and move through.

Research using Space Syntax modelling shows:

  • how movement patterns and flows in cities are powerfully shaped by the street network  
  • how this relation shapes the evolution of the local centres and sub-centres that makes cities liveable 
  • how patterns of security and insecurity are affected by spatial design 
  • how spatial segregation and social disadvantage are related in cities
  • how buildings can create more interactive organisational cultures

A video presentation of this talk is available on YouTube - click here

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