Changing times with ISO7010

A talk on safety signing by Jim Creak, Jalite PLC

changing-times-with-iso7010BSi is adopting the newly revised international standard for safety signs, ISO 7010, which has implications for many of the existing British Standards.

Some of the most important signs in our environments are those designed to assist people to escape quickly and safely from buildings in an emergency.  The UK prescribes the form of these signs and gives guidance on their placement through the multi-part Standard BS5499, which will be very well known to designers and manufacturers.

Part 4 of this standard is the code of practice for escape signing. First published in 2000, this is now subject to major review, especially in the light of new knowledge and revised international standards, the development of which has involved extensive contribution from the UK.

Jim Creak, editor of 'Means of Escape' Magazine and Managing Director of Jalite plc, has been involved in the field of safety signs for fire safety management for 25 years and is experienced in the compliance requirements for fire safety legislation and for the drafting of fire protection standardisation.

Jim will give an overview of how safety signs can influence human behaviour in an emergency and how international standards for content, design and testing support this, the extent of the changes proposed and the international context in which these are being made.  He will also talk about the process of risk assessment.

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