Transforming Exhibition Road

A talk on the ongoing transformation by Edward Jones, Dixon Jones

transforming-exhibition-road 1Exhibition Road is home to some of Britain’s most important institutions and in 2004 was the subject of an international competition for design and masterplanning held by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This was won by Dixon Jones and by 2012, the narrow pavements will be gone and in their place will be a kerb-free surface the length and width of the road.

Pedestrians will have more space and vehicle speeds will be limited to 20mph.

Sculptural street lighting ‘masts’ will complement the grand buildings of Exhibition Road, and the diagonal granite ‘single surface’ will create a memorable new public space for London.

The project is also an example of how public spaces reconfigured in a non-traditional, and perhaps an unexpected way, may be interpreted by both vehicle and pedestrian users without any explanatory signs.

If you are in the vicinity you may like to have a look at the ongoing transformation. The official ‘reopening’ is the day before the talk, 1st February, but the road has been open to the public through the development so you can take a look at progress at any time.

Edward Jones AA DIP (HONS) RIBA current partnership with Sir Jeremy Dixon was formed in 1989. Common to their work as architects has been a concern for the city and the way London has had a particular history different from other European cities. Their projects all engage with aspects of London’s urban history, reviewing the historical background of their sites as a way of giving a basis for finding a relationship between the new and the old, with a particular interest in the creation of appropriate public spaces.

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