Practical Human Factors and Sign Design

A talk by John Wood, Executive Chairman, CCD Design & Ergonomics

practical-human-factors-and-sign-designHuman factors is regarded as a dark art whose practitioners have a tendency to respond to queries with ‘well it depends’.

This talk is intended to dispel any such myths and to give practical examples of the application of ergonomics in two case studies. For the new cable car system, crossing the Thames in London, CCD ergonomists advised on the design and placement of signage in stations and cars.

In the Kings Cross station redevelopment CCD reviewed proposed signage, participated in scenario testing and completed the final checks on the installed signs just prior to opening. With this perspective CCD will draw some conclusions on current sign/wayfinding modelling approaches and offer some suggestions on how these might be further refined.

The special challenges involved in the design of warnings and signs for major disasters will be described in the context of work being undertaken by ISO and the development of new standards.

About John

John is Executive Chairman of CCD Design and Ergonomics Ltd – an independent ergonomics and design consultancy. CCD undertakes work in transportation, information design, safety critical systems and carries out ergonomic assurance work for such organisations as Network Rail, BAA and Transport for London. John is a Fellow of his professional society, the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

As a Convenor of an ISO working group John has been extensively involved in the development of ergonomic standards for over 20 years and also now advises CEN and ISO on consumer issues related to public warnings, colour coding and societal security.

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