Wayfinding and signing in Asia

A talk by Nic Banks, Founder of Atelier Pacific

wayfinding-and-signing-in-asiaIn recent years, many parts of Asia have become high-density urban environments where people are more mobile than ever before, both in terms of physical travel due to the rapid development of transportation systems, and daily communication due to increased technology networks.

As such, a visual (pictorial-based) system that can be understood in a cross-cultural environment is important  to fulfil the need of communication across this change of boundaries. However, some cultural norms or elements may be lost through this process of change, so designers are faced with the challenge of how to integrate cultural elements with signage design  ‘standards’ so as to produce ‘contextual’ environmental graphics in different ethnic regions/borders. 

This presentation will explore how different signage designs have addressed this issue, from public spaces such as railway stations and airports, to commercial projects such as shopping malls and offices, throughout Asia. It will re-examine the fundamentals behind signage and information transfer, presenting examples of 'globalized‛ and 'localised‛ signing systems, concluding with an exploration of the possibilities for environmental graphic designers to create functional signing design with distinctive cultural DNA.

The talk will be given by Nic Banks, Founder and Managing Director of Atelier Pacific Ltd, a design studio based in Hong Kong with extensive experience of maximizing and enhancing the usability of spaces.

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