The birds and the bees

A talk and live webinar by
Colette Jeffrey, Designer, Researcher and Lecturer

6pm Thursday 4th July 2013 at The Gallery, followed by our "Summer soirée"

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What can we learn from pigeons and bees and their navigation behaviour? Can animals help us solve human wayfinding problems?

After fifteen years of creating signage systems and wayfinding strategies for airports, hospitals, museums and libraries, Colette is now questioning all that she thought she knew about how people find their way. She will share her ideas on why we get lost in a visually inspiring, thought-provoking talk.

Kevin Lynch (the inventor of the term ‘way finding’) believes that the ‘terror’ of being lost comes from us needing to be orientated in our surroundings. Peter White, the Radio 4 presenter who gave April’s SDS talk talked about his fears when wayfinding but he believes that a high proportion of people are lost and that we should not be worried about being lost. We should be creating environments where it’s okay to be lost.

Colette has recently begun a five-year study exploring what we do when we are lost inside buildings and how we orientate ourselves. She will discuss Peter’s views and many other ideas from academic studies and her own experience on why we get lost, what we do when we are lost and whether people who create environments can design spaces where we can be lost without feeling terror.

Colette is a Lecturer in Graphic Communication and a PhD Researcher at Birmingham City University. She is also the Director of Copper Jetty, a design consultancy specialising in wayfinding and information design.


The Gallery, 75 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ

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