Voyages of Discovery

A talk by David Gibson

For centuries travelers have headed off to unfamiliar places, some carried maps to guide them, while others were charting new routes and territories as they ventured forth. In either case they went with hopes of finding something, a destination, a new route, a pot of gold. Likewise twenty-first century travelers are on the move for all kinds of reasons. Unlike their forebears, these modern day explorers have a host of tools at their disposal to help them find their way.

In much of the world, commerce and government and just life itself is undertaken in cities large and small, new and old. Travelers have to navigate these often huge and usually complex environments to find their way to the things they need - shops, friends, appointments, visits, food, tools, help, entertainment. Contemporary wayfinding designers can learn from the experience of travelers and the growth of cities as they create wayfinding systems for modern places and  spaces. These wayfinding systems include a whole host of tools - diagrams, signs, mental maps, directories.

David Gibson, noted wayfinding designer, author, and co-founder of Two Twelve Associates in New York will explore how an understanding of a traveler\'s mind and the growth of urban centres can help us create better wayfinding systems for hospitals, campuses and other complex places and spaces.

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