Wayfinding for sustainable cities

A talk by Mike Rawlinson, Design Director, City ID

wayfinding-for-sustainable-citiesThe talk will illustrate the challenge of evolving a wayfinding strategy developed by City ID and Endpoint ME for what aims to be one of the world's most sustainable urban development, Masdar City, UAE. This multibillion pound development, masterplanned by Foster and Partners, is an emerging global hub for renewable energy and clean technologies that will position Masdar at the heart of this emerging global industry.

Mike will talk about how the wayfinding strategy is being developed to support the vision, values and design principles through which Masdar City is being planned, designed and built. The wayfinding system will respond and adapt to a living and changing city to provide users with information which is tailored to their needs. The design teams' approach considers how all elements of the public realm can be choreographed to help reinforce a user's understanding and experience of the City.

Mike is a founding director of City ID, a global leader in the field of city image, identity and legibility.

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