Formula Legibilis - The principles of legible cities

A talk by Tim Fendley

Tim fendleyWayfinding in cities is fundamentally an issue of urban design and architecture. Recent projects in Bristol, Brighton and London have made extensive use of information design and legibility principles to respond to peoples needs. Where urban design is concerned with the space between the buildings, informationdesign is concerned with the space between the ears. This talk reviews the principles behind, and development of these recent legible schemes.

Tim is the founder of Applied Information Group, an advisor to the Helen Hamlyn Centre at the RCA and on the editorial board of the IDJ. He is a tireless speaker and campaigner for the development of accessible wayfinding systems for public places and has spoken on the subject to the London School of Economics, Reading University, the International Institute for Information Design - IIID, Vienna, as well as to SDS and many other venues around the world. As a UK member of IIID Tim also organised and convened a conference in London on the subject of wayfinding and transportation.

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