The Seamless Airport Terminal

Wayfinding, Space and Planning

A talk by James Speed, Pascall & Watson Architects

6.00pm Thursday 10th July 2014 at The Gallery

NB Talk will be followed by our Summer Party.

Airports continue to develop as part of the global race for economic development. Recently we have seen the rise of the “mega-hub” with “developing economies” seeking to exploit their geographic position and economic potential.

Meanwhile airports in the “developed world” seek to maximise the potential for marginal gains to maintain their position in the world order. The evolution of the airport terminal continues, reflecting the aspirations, capabilities and connections of the society which they serve. Airports form the ultimate cross cultural network of interconnecting spaces between destinations navigated by the human race almost completely without discrimination of age, wealth or social background.

In this context of increasing mobility and competition, clients are aware of the value of wayfinding as a key component linking the passenger services which they hope will mark out their airport from the competition. Wayfinding is now a key consideration at the beginning of the design process: sometimes treated as an enabling element but often now as part of the visual identity or even passenger experience that defines the airport itself.

Pascall + Watson Architects have been involved in the design of airport and railway termini for over 50 years. Our recent projects are located across Europe and the Middle East in which regions we now operate form six offices. In this talk we draw on our recent experience working on major airport terminals and describe how we look to combine the spatial, planning and wayfnding strategies in our design process and how we respond to the demands and desires of our airport clients.


The Gallery, 75 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ

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