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bigbluecockerel 500pxThe importance and vitality of Placemarking

A talk by Billy Griffin, Artisan, Dublin

Thursday December 11th 2014, 6.30pm (talk will be followed by the Christmas party.)

With the increase in both visual communication and life’s everyday complexities, coupled with the massive and rapid growth of IT based navigation systems, the traditional response to wayfinding challenges in large spaces, often emerging organically and without discernable character or logic, may not be wholly appropriate.

An amorphous space, whether external or within a built structure, may be designed to be ‘democratic’, but how should it best be made coherent, to invite and respond to those exploring, whilst ensuring swift progress for those on a mission?

This presentation will offer new direction to wayfinding problems that go beyond a methodology that the client – or even the architect and designer - may necessarily presuppose. It does not reject traditional signing solutions but it allows for a more creative approach, which add to the architectural character and nomenclature of the space. With a rationale based upon contemporary ideas from behavioural science, systems theory, and philosophy it will allow for integration of signing within a more meaningful context.

Billy Griffin is the co-owner of Artisan, a specialist sign manufacturer based in Dublin, Ireland, operating globally. Billy is a long-time member of the Design Society.


Richard Kindersley’s studio, 41 Cardigan Street, Kennington, London SE11 5PF

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