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an audit of station name signing

A talk by John Cartledge, former Deputy Chief Executive, London TravelWatch

Thursday February 12th 2014 6:30pm

In 2004, the Information Design Unit of Enterprise IG was commissioned by London TravelWatch to carry out an audit of station name signs on the main line rail network in and around London. This talk will present the findings.

The audit confirmed that although station name signs carry vital information for passengers less familiar with the locations, the railway companies had no set standards for the number of signs or their positioning. Many stations had too few, they were poorly maintained and particularly difficult to see after dark or from trains passing through stations at speed. Moreover, they were often wrongly aligned, subject to graffiti and vandalism, obscured by advertising, and use text which is too small.

However, such shortcomings were not universal and the talk will include examples of good practice as well as bad, as well as the recommendations made to the industry for how the deficiencies found could be remedied.

London TravelWatch is a statutory consumer agency which represents and promotes the interests of the users of all of London’s transport modes – including buses, trains, trams, taxis, boats, cable cars, cycles as well as pedestrians. It investigates complaints, conducts or commissions research, and maintains a dialogue with transport companies and with government at all levels on any issues which affect the services and facilities provided.

John Cartledge was a member or official of London TravelWatch for nearly 40 years, and recently retired as its Deputy Chief Executive. He has had a life-long interest in passenger information literature and displays, and was the author of See how they run, a pioneering study of the design of bus maps and timetables. He is also a long time and active member of the Society.


Arup, 13 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 4BQ

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