Canada's challenge - signing its biggest city

Toronto kicked off their wayfinding initiative in 2011 as a direct consequence of their 2007 Walk21 Conference, Putting Pedestrians First, and development of the city's Walk Strategy that identified pedestrian wayfinding as fundamental to the creation of a walkable city. The strategy transformed from an originally pedestrian-centric solution comparable to other 'legible city' projects, such as London, New York and Vancouver, to become a comprehensive multimodal strategy covering pedestrian, vehicular, cyclist and transit wayfinding needs.

This talk will explore project successes and failures to date and lessons learnt from the application of international best practices in the context of Toronto. It will also debate the complexities of implementing a 'seamless' solution in a multi-agency environment.

Juan Pablo Rioseco is an information and graphic designer working as Principal Consultant with Steer Davies Gleave.
James Brown is a design and wayfinding strategist working as Principal Consultant with Steer Davies Gleave.

Steer Davies Gleave is leading a team of consultants to deliver a pedestrian wayfinding pilot in Toronto’s Financial District; a vehicular signage destination policy; enhanced transit information; a cycling wayfinding; and a new wayfinding system for Toronto's extensive parks and trails. Steer Davies Gleave is a leading independent transport consultancy based in London with 15 offices across Europe, Latin and North America. Our Design for Movement practice embraces environmental, product, digital and graphic design to realise user-centered solutions that make our transport systems and public places understandable, accessible, and enjoyable for all.

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