What does that sign say?

A talk by Roger Whitton

what-does-that-sign-sayYou are trying to get to somewhere and can’t find the sign that displays a road name. Imagine then, you have impairment and cannot get any road name information at all. How would you know where you are and where you are going? Fortunately, new wayfinding technologies can be incorporated into existing and new signs.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows information to be delivered to a user in a variety of formats. The two components of an RFID system are the ‘Tag’ and the ‘Interrogator’. A Tag transmits a signal and when an Interrogator encounters this signal the Tag is identified and unique information is delivered to the user. They can also be linked into personal electronic devices such as PDA’s and mobile phones. It would be possible to ‘flood’ an entire environment at a very modest cost.

Roger Whitton is a Senior Assistive Technology Consultant. Joining Guide Dogs twelve years ago he has specialised in Accessibility and Assistive technology for the last ten years. The current focus of his work is in the development of Wayfinding systems primarily for the blind and partially sighted but these systems will also be beneficial to other assistive technology users.

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