Applied achieves Certified B Corporation™ status

Applied’s work for their clients involves giving people the freedom to move, by walking, cycling and by public transport. These are fundamentally positive for the environment, public health and community-building, by design. B Corp certification recognises Applied’s commitment to be a responsible and effective company.

As a certified B Corp, Applied joins a global community of over 6,000. Within the UK, they are one of 2,000 SME’s which are B Corp certified, 1,000 of which are a similarly sized (with 10-49 employees), and the only one which is a spatial experience consultancy.

A rigorously assessed standard, it took Applied over two years to achieve certification. The process involved tireless information gathering, making changes to what they do, what they measure and how they work. The thorough and robustpr ocess required Applied to display the verified performance, accountability and transparency on factors such as company governance, community impact and sustainability. Certification has also required the company to make long-term commitments. By 2029 they have set three major goals: to reduce the carbon emissions of our offices by 5% year-on-year; to implement a formal social and environmental training programme for all their, and to increase the number of managers who identify as women from 27% to 40%. 

To achieve B Corp certification, Applied achieved an overall score of 114 points (the pass mark score is 80). This assessment reflects a company’s overall impact across five different categories: governance, workers, community, environment and customers. For context, the average score for ordinary businesses who take the assessment is 50.9, and for B Corps the average score sits at 91.

Applied’s work, by its very nature, demonstrates a high degree of measurable impact on social and environmental indicators. B Corp certification is a formal recognition of the company’s ability to affect change. For Applied’s clients and stakeholders, this formal certification reinforces what they can expect from them: a forward-thinking company which balances profit, people and the planet.