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Why public space matters

Date: 12 December 2023


Tuesday 12 December ’23 (1pm ET / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET) Continuing our exploration of place and placemaking, Setha Low joins us to examine the importance of public space to the creation of towns and cities that flourish, and how the methodology she’s designed – Toolkit for the Ethnographic Study of Space (TESS) – can […]

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Third party events


Globally, contemporary cities face seemingly insurmountable challenges such as urban inequality, inadequate infrastructure, climate crisis, and increasingly, threats to democracy. In the face of such challenges, Dr Azeem Inam introduces the concept of “co-designing publics” by examining what lies at the potent intersection of the public realm and informal urbanisms.

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Face / interface: global type design and human-computer interaction

Start date: 1 December 2023
End date: 2 December 2023

40 years ago, Turing Award winning computer scientist Donald Knuth teamed up with MacArthur Fellow type designer Chuck Bigelow to convene “The Computer and the Hand in Type Design,” an ATypI-sponsored conference that formed part of one the world’s earliest digital typography graduate programs. In recognition of this momentous anniversary in both Stanford and design history, and building upon the success of the 2017 Face/Interface gathering, we are delighted to announce a second international conference bringing together scholars, designers, engineers, and technologists to explore global type design, book design, interface design, and human-computer interaction.

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Digital Signage Experience 2023

Start date: 2 December 2023
End date: 5 December 2023


Digital Signage ExperienceTM  explores every aspect 0f digital and interactive display technology, from concept and design to content and analytics

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A day of sharing stories of print, technical know-how and a fine range of letterpress posters, prints, books and cards.

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Steer is delighted to host a panel of senior leaders exploring the challenges and successes of embedding Equity and Inclusion into decision-making. Join us as we amplify the conversation towards achieving equity goals, uniting international leaders to share their strategies and knowledge. We’ll discuss decision-making and implementation from different viewpoints: research, projects, cities, and multilateral development.

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Oleksiy Chekal will give a history of the rich tradition and the evolution of the Ukrainian Cyrillic letterform from the perspective of calligraphy and typography.

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The theme of GeoCom 23 will focus on the increasing use of automation in the geospatial sector whilst considering how this impacts sustainability such as the digital carbon footprint. GeoCom is a unique event programmed by the industry to bring eminent thought leaders together to inspire and spark debate with an actively engaged audience supporting the AGI’s mission to create a thriving UK geospatial community with a sustainable future.

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In the world of design and marketing, every detail matters. Colour, messaging, and layout are all essential, but did you know typeface choice alone can boost positive consumer response by up to 13%?  Since 2021, we have been studying the emotional power of typefaces, and how they can influence perceptions and even shape brand identities. In this webinar, we’ll delve into the science and cultural contexts behind why certain typefaces resonate, the nuances across certain regions and languages, and how you can bring it all together to better leverage type in your work.

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Join Ethan Kent , Executive Director at PlacemakingX for this live webinar on the importance of creating public spaces that are for, and by, people. This webinar is hosted by Sustainable Public Spaces Unit at BUE. Contact info.spsu@bue.edu.eg for join-up information.

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Join us as we honor the 50th anniversary of both Hip Hop culture and SEGD. We will trace the transformative journey of Hip Hop from its humble beginnings to its widespread impact on design worldwide. Through this virtual event, experience a curated convergence of historical insights and future-forward dialogue with Hip Hop pioneers, EGD innovators, place-makers, and creative minds from museum and graphic design sectors. Engage with powerful presentations and panel discussions that capture the synergy between Hip Hop’s vibrant culture and the evolution of design. This virtual event promises a celebration of the past, a reflection on the present, and a visionary look into the future of how Hip Hop continues to shape the fabric of design.

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