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At the Sign Design Society we welcome anyone involved with – or just passionate about – signs, wayfinding, environmental/experiential graphics, maps, and related fields (e.g. information design, product design, branding, ergonomics, architecture, lighting and psychology).

Memberships run for one year from the date you join the SDS. We have several types of SDS membership: standard (individual); corporate or institutional; senior; student; and overseas.

We provide platforms for dialogue – whether you’re a designer, student, researcher, specifier, fabricator or a client. We also promote better understanding of the importance of signs and wayfinding in design professions, and in industry and education.

To do all this we depend on our members’ fees and engagement; every member counts, so please join us or renew your membership today.

Join us today

Free access to talks, job postings and a multi-disciplinary community are just a few of the benefits of being an SDS member.

There are five short steps to becoming an SDS standard, student, retired or overseas member:

  1. Explore our membership plans (below)
  2. Register to create a web account
  3. Select your membership plan
  4. Pay for your membership fee
  5. Receive an email from us confirming your membership.

Renew, change or select your membership plan

SDS members and other registered site users: to choose, renew or change your membership plan, please sign in to your account then select the ‘renew/change your membership plan’ option under your account name in the navigation bar.

Our membership plans

Corporate or institutional SDS membership

This membership is associated with a company rather than a named individual. This package will enable one person from your company to attend each SDS event for free.

NB Customised membership packages are available for companies or education institutions, so that for example, several people from your company or institution can attend SDS events for free. Please email our administrator to discuss your requirements.

Annual corporate membership fee: £175

Standard (individual) SDS membership

For anyone under 60 who lives in the UK and isn’t a full-time undergraduate/college student.
Annual standard membership fee: £130

Overseas SDS membership

This is for anyone under the age of 60 who lives outside of the UK and is not a full-time undergraduate or college student. Are you over 60? You can become a senior SDS member even if you don’t live in the UK.

Annual overseas membership fee: £80

Senior SDS membership

For anyone over 60 years old (working or retired), living in the UK or overseas.
Annual senior membership fee: £65

Student SDS membership

Being a part of the SDS community is a great introduction to an enormous variety of real-world projects that involve maps, signs and wayfinding. We can help connect you with professionals to discuss their experiences and to help you decide on a career path. You’ll also meet influencers and potential employers.

SDS student membership is for full-time undergraduates and college students in the UK or abroad. You will need to send proof that you are a student (e.g. a scan of your current student card and/or a letter from your institution) to our administrator:

Postgraduates, undergraduates, researchers, lecturers and staff, if your university department has an SDS institutional membership you could receive all the benefits of being a standard member for free!

Annual student membership fee: £25

Next step: register for your web account

Now that you’ve explored our membership plans, please register for a web account so that you can pay your membership fee.


If you have any questions about us or becoming an SDS member, please email our administrator: