Endpoint Ltd

Endpoint specialises in wayfinding and the translation of brands within the built environment. We help businesses speak to people through, what we believe, is the most powerful channel of all – the built environment. From the Apple Store to Google’s offices, even the heroes of the digital age recognise the power of a physical, real-life experience to win hearts and minds.

This might mean bringing your brand to life in a physical space – brand translation – or guaranteeing the best possible experience for the people who pass through it – wayfinding.

We look at the built environment in a way that creates immense strategic and aesthetic value for clients.

Working with architects Stanton Williams and the ROH visitor experience team, Endpoint’s wayfinding team have spent two years developing and testing a new wayfinding system to seamlessly link the old and new areas of this building, as apart as the recent Royal Opera House ‘Open Up’ refurbishment.

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