RGS-IBG Annual Conference: On your bike: geographies of cycling (with Rita Martelo)

Date: 28 August 2024
Time: 9:00 am
Location: In-person at Seminar 14, Imperical College, London, UK
Third-party event

Talk by Rita Martelo, SDS member, currently doing a PhD.

Talk topic: The mobility paradigm is shifting towards sustainable and greener modes of transportation, with the bicycle gaining popularity across many European cities as one of the transformative modes of urban mobility. Bicycle maps can play a crucial role in promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of urban transportation by providing cyclists with useful wayfinding information about safe routes. There is a range of different styles and content depicted on cycling maps. A systematic review of bicycle maps from 27 European capitals has identified patterns and typologies of map design and representation. The review analysed how infrastructure is classified, design aspects including line style, symbols, layout, typography, and links with other transport modes. We also consider geographic versus abstract representations which we refer to as the fidelity of the cycle maps. The primary objective is to group bicycle maps into typologies of representation based on common design features and characteristics to uncover patterns and trends that will inform future design practice and offer guidelines for cities aiming to design or enhance their bicycle maps. Overall, this study seeks to contribute new knowledge to encourage the improvement of the cycling experience through good information design.