RGS with IBG: Annual International Conference

Start date: 27 August 2024
End date: 30 August 2024
Time: 9:00 am
Location: In-person at Royal Geographical Society and Imperial College London, London, UK
Third-party event
Excerpt of a map with a town circled in black

The RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2024 will be chaired by Professor Stephen Legg (University of Nottingham, UK). The Chair’s theme for this year’s conference is Mapping.

The conference will explore mapping in all its forms, in a world that is saturated with maps, from historical cartography to the newest technologies and digital practices. Maps trace invasions, financial crises, pandemics and environmental disasters, and our responses to them. They plot and coordinate surveillance, and counter-plot evasion and resistance. They chart jet streams, oceanic oscillations and ozone holes, heatwaves, droughts, and drizzles. Maps map territory and sovereignty, but also evidence indigenous land claims and historical landscapes of meaning.