Modulex an exciting innovation in wayfinding: Verifind

Verifind is a Modulex Group innovation representing the next generation of wayfinding design tool.  It provides users with the necessary information to solve navigation challenges more effectively by adopting a human-centred approach and analysing research insights.

Verifind uses advanced eye-tracking technology to study how people interact with visual cues and communication elements when moving through buildings. By analysing factors like how long they look at something and where they focus their gaze, Verifind can identify areas where users might get confused or lost. This helps provide suggestions on how to improve designs and layouts for an easier and more intuitive navigation experience, based on designs that target people’s needs. 

Over two to three days, participants undergo assessment through eye-tracking technology to observe their interactions with signage and visual cues during a designated journey. The collected data is subsequently analysed to provide insights into the wayfinding experience, pinpointing areas for potential enhancement in existing visual communication systems to elevate the overall navigation experience.

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