Anthropotropic architecture: human wellbeing at the heart of design

Date: 13 December 2023
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: Online
Third-party event

In recent years, human wellbeing has received widespread attention in architecture and design, especially in response to evidence indicating a link between the form and quality of the built environment and social, mental, and physical health outcomes. However, despite this surge in attention, open questions and controversies remain regarding the conceptualisation of a human-focused approach to architecture and addressing wellbeing in practice. Seen as a whole, new frameworks are needed, accentuating the integration of evidence-based practices required to support the design of built environments that are responsive to human nature, needs, and experience to enhance human wellbeing.

The session will discuss innovative models to address aspects of wellbeing in a systematic and evidence-based manner and ways to integrate these aspects into the design process. Philomena Reinmüller will introduce “Anthropotropic Architecture” as a conceptual framework and design paradigm that puts humans at the centre of decision-making in architecture. Natasha Reid will set out the “Place Quality Model” which aims to create a step-change in the way places are designed to focus on outcomes for people’s quality of life. Prioritising human experience, it has been recently adopted into the first London borough’s planning requirements, embedding health, social wellbeing, inclusivity and equity into the development process.