Beyond physical infra-structure: What does it take to make a city young children and caregiver friendly?

Date: 9 November 2023
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Location: Online
Third-party event

Young children and caregiver-centric urban development in cities is a co-creative process that requires a multi-pronged approach involving more efforts than those focused on the physical infrastructure. The webinar aims to unpack the role of various actors forming the local ecosystem in cities that are crucial to ensure long term sustenance of young children and caregiver friendly urban environments.

The webinar will host a panel of experts, who have who have successfully conducted campaigns, mobilised people towards various environment friendly and sustainability initiatives. The lessons learned from these good practices will highlight how we may mainstream the approach of young children and family-friendly cities by bringing together diverse actors to establish a local ecosystem that will mobilise people and drive the agenda towards its long-term sustenance.