Handbook launch: Creating places that work for women and girls

Date: 11 July 2024
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:10 pm
Third-party event

Join the launch of the London Legacy Development Corporation’s handbook, “Creating Places that Work for Women and Girls”. This document is the outcome of three years of research and practice in gender-informed urban design and planning.

For too long, cities have been designed by and for men, with a lack of consideration or understanding of the lived experiences of women and girls. This approach has embedded gender biases into every aspect of city design.

By adopting gender-informed principles, built environment professionals can take an important role in addressing gender inequality. They can ensure fair access to services and opportunities, thereby advancing the socio-economic mobility of women and girls.

This will not only improve, protect and empower the lives of women and girls but unlock the full potential of both our cities and individual developments in influencing wider issues such as climate change mitigation, sustainable development, and economic growth.

For these reasons, the built environment sector must assume its share of responsibility and help change the status quo.

This event will introduce the handbook and explore practical solutions for creating more positive spaces for women and girls. You will hear from experts working across London on their challenges and successes, as well as discover projects where the report’s recommendations have been trialled.