LSE: Digital cities for humans or for profit?

Date: 18 March 2024
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: In-person in the Auditorium, Centre Building, LSE, London, UK, and online via LSE Live
Third-party event

How is life in digital cities changing what it means to be human? Does digitisation change cities and the lives of those inhabiting them? This event seeks to explore the politics and ethics that drive digital change in cities and the consequences of digitisation for the lives and rights of those who occupy them.

On the occasion of Myria Georgiou’s book publication, ‘Being Human in Digital Cities‘, this panel brings together experts on digital urbanism and on digital justice to address from their different perspectives a number of questions: What are the values driving digital change and ‘smartcitisation’? Who speaks and who is silenced when digital cities are planned and realised in the name of urban humanity’s progress? Can we imagine alternative digital futures in cities torn by inequalities and divisions? Investigating the dynamic workings of technology and power from a transnational and comparative perspective, the panellists examine the contradictory claims and struggles for the future of digital cities and their humanity. In doing so, the panel seeks to enrich understandings of digital urbanism, digital justice, and critical humanist studies.