Made by all: How can placemaking help downtowns bounce back?

Date: 4 April 2024
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: Online webinar
Third-party event

The coronavirus pandemic has had a harsh impact on downtowns across the United States, particularly in cities where the primary industries fully embraced remote work. But as the number of daily workers has decreased, some cities have successfully adapted by growing the number of residents and visitors downtown, as well as other creative strategies.

Some of the key tools to creating more diversified downtowns involve zoning, incentives, and other public policy, but what role can placemaking play in this transition? To answer this question, this webinar draws upon a wide range of perspectives, from local non-profit leaders to national professional organizations, and from data-driven analysis to on-the-ground insights. 

Join us for a discussion about the state of post-pandemic downtowns, case studies of how downtowns are adapting, and the role of community-powered public spaces in recovery.