Old type, new type: Marta Bernstein in conversation with Alexander Tochilov

Start date: 7 February 2024
End date: 8 February 2024
Time: 11:55 pm
Location: In-person at 84 Withers Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Third-party event

Marta Bernstein will take you back in time to the Nineteenth Century through its overly-decorated, quirky, and extremely lively typefaces.

Can we still learn anything from the past? Do we really need to preserve all those old paper artifacts? A journey through public libraries, dusty archives, and long-forgotten books: because what feeds creativity is often waiting in disguise.

After the presentation, Marta will be joined by Alexander Tochilovsky, Curator of The Herb Lubalin Study Center. The two will engage in a conversation about typefaces, design, and archives.