View of a corridor with brightly painted patterns on the visible wall

SEGD branded environments / SEGD Xlab

Start date: 1 November 2023
End date: 3 November 2023
Time: 12:00 am
Location: In-person: MOMI, New York, USA
Third-party event

Dive deep into the intersection of digital and physical experiences at this year’s SEGD Branded Environments & Xlab event through interactive sessions and storytelling experiences November 2nd – 3rd, 2023 at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City.

Branded Experiences lead the way in seamlessly integrating the digital and physical realms. As pioneers in the experience economy, our challenge is to evolve audience interaction from passive observation to immersive storytelling and active engagement, transforming them from mere viewers to dedicated fans and ultimately, brand ambassadors.