UCL Bartlett School: Human-centric lighting principles and soundscape design for enhanced environments

Date: 22 January 2024
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Online via Zoom
Third-party event

This presentation will share the latest scientific evidence of the dynamic intersection between the visual and non-visual pathways and the critical role of light in modulating sleep, mood and metabolism. We will review recent examples of the applications of these principles to healthcare, educational and workplace settings. Finally, we will explore the implications of this new understanding for architecture and interior design.

Soundscape is a term that can be used to analyse and understand the experience of everyday sounds. The production of everyday sounds is closely intertwined with architecture, as different types of architectural places encourage various types of activities that produce a variety of sounds. Moreover, shapes and material properties of the built environment influence the character and acoustic behaviour of the sounds being produced. Soundscapes are inherently complex, as they include all sounds – positive as well as negative. Soundscape actions is a tool developed with the intention to inspire planners and designers of outdoor environments to think more about soundscapes, especially in noise exposed situations.