Reader’s corner book of the month: December 2023

Featuring publications of relevance to our industry, including those cited in SDS e-newsletter lead articles and suggested additional reading, we’ve recently relaunched the SDS Reader’s Corner book of the month page. Each month we will showcase a suggested read that relates to our professional areas of interest, be it a seminal publication or something more tangential. We hope the books we select will offer you insights and inspiration.

If you any suggestions of books, particularly newly published ones, that you think would be of interest to our community, please email us:

For December ’23 we feature ‘Big Type: Graphic Design and Identities with Typographic Emphasis‘, by Jon Dowling (published by Counter-Print on 28 April 2022).

Three copies of Big Type fanned on top of each other, showing thr different colour covers in which the publication is published


“Explores graphic design and identity work where the emphasis is on typography. The visual landscape in which today’s designers are contributing to is very cluttered and the digital world alone is so vast, that sometimes it feels hard to make your voice heard amongst all the noise. The work on show within this book examines how designers can produce work that stands out and cuts through the noise. It showcases a fascinating direction in graphic design, forged by a collision of technology, typography and trends which is creating new and exciting results.”

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