Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


Project Name: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center Wayfinding and Identity Signage

Client: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sector: Healthcare

Location: Buffalo, New York, USA

Role: To support Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s fast-growing campus, IDS developed illuminated gateways and landmark wayfinding structures.

The brief: Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center sought architectural elements to bolster its fast-growing campus and enhance its newly developed graphic identity. IDS responded with a systematic design approach built around the organization’s survey, planning, and visualisation approach.

Outcome: IDS provided a range of best practices and visual scenarios, from simple elements like wayfinding markers to expansive and dynamic illuminated markers and wraps. Based on stakeholder response to these scenarios, IDS finalized a sign vocabulary of illuminated gateways, landmark wayfinding elements, and other elements.

Photorealistic dimensional renderings helped the project team understand the signs’ colors, materiality, and scale, which were later integrated into photo montages.​

This visualisation approach secured approval for the project, while a value-engineering process during the concept stage allowed for the complete approach to fit into tight budget parameters.

IDS completed full documentation from this plan, and later managed the fabrication and installation in-house.

“For the project, we completed a site visit and survey phase to determine the best solutions using the latest building sign technology, while matching the client’s dynamic approach to cancer care and commitment to its community. Installation was completed in late 2022, encumbered by the largest snowstorm in Buffalo history, presenting a considerable challenge to the team. The resulting sign program reflects the style, creativity, and sophistication of Roswell Park Cancer Center and is a testament to the creative team at ID Signsystems,” Paul Dudley, President, ID Signsystems.

Case study submitted by: ID Signsystems.

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