SignAgent colleagues at their stand (showing new company branding) at SEGD 50th Anniversary event celebrations

SignAgent launches new brand identity

SignAgent officially announced the launch of its newly updated brand identity at SEGD’s Annual Conference in August ’23. The conference, held in Washington DC, is where the experiential graphic design society recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The SignAgent platform is a collaborative, cloud-based project management software used for the planning, design, production, implementation, and ongoing management of physical signage and wayfinding programs. SignAgent has been used to manage projects in over 30 countries, including some of the world’s most iconic hospitals, airports, transit systems, museums, universities, stadiums, and even major international sporting events. Since SignAgent was launched in the cloud in 2018, over 5.7 million signs have been captured and planned within the platform.

SignAgent’s rebrand launch is the culmination of an eight month project that started in January 2023, helped by J2, a Philadelphia-based branding agency. J2 also created a comprehensive brand guide that SignAgent will use to maintain the consistency of the brand implementation as the company continues to mature.

The new brand system includes a new wordmark and icon, a tagline, and incorporates three iconic colours to represent the three key functional areas of the company’s software platform: design, build, and manage. SignAgent’s new tagline is “Lead the way.” The logo itself includes a new icon comprising three overlapping triangles which combine to form a single internal triangle that points forward.

James Bosma SignAgent Vice President of Marketing Communications explained the concept:

“SignAgent’s growing customer base includes three key types of users: architectural and wayfinding design firms, signage fabricators, and facility owners and operators. All of those users play their part in improving people’s experience as they navigate the built environment.

Our new tagline and icon both play on this theme of convergence: Whatever role you play in the creation, implementation or management of signage, you are literally helping to lead the way forward for hundreds of thousands of people.”

“SignAgent is a 2023 SEGD Gold Industry Partner and 2021 SEGD Innovation Award recipient.