NovaDura Ltd

NovaDura products are widely used in wayfinding &  interpretation projects and architectural signage throughout a range of sectors which include: museums & heritage, schools, commercial property, hospital and rail. The NovaDura™ process produces display products with outstanding full-colour print quality and long-term resistance to UV and exterior weather conditions, with a 10 year warranty for colour resistance and attack by airborne elements.

primaDURA, our flagship aluminum product offers outstanding durability with UV/anti-graffiti protection. The combination of the highly abrasion resistant coatings and solid aluminium base provides a robust finish against attention by vandals, achieving the necessary TFL/LUL approvals for use on the London Underground. primaDURA provides a cost-effective alternative to vitreous enamel (VE) signage in sizes up to 2900mm x 1500mm.

ecoDURA is a high pressure laminate (HPL), manufactured from resin impregnated kraft paper using a high pressure and thermo-hardening process; the resin impregnation and thermoforming gives it full impermeability to water and the outside elements. The product can be machined, chamfered, milled, routed to special shapes or has the ability to inset brass rubbings for example. Manufactured in thicknesses: 0.8mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm in custom shapes and up to 2700mm x 1230mm, ecoDURA is our 100% recyclable product.

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