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Third party events


This workshop presented by London National Park City and the London Hub of Heritopolis will explore progress in developing the potential of London’s National Park City.

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Typographics 2024

Start date: 14 June 2024
End date: 15 June 2024


The central event of the 2024 Typographics festival is a con­fer­ence with speakers from around the world, focused on the contem­porary use of type. The main Typographics conference will feature an international line-up of designers, with presentations about type and its use in graphic design, web design, publication design, book design, packaging, branding, corporate identities, advertising, motion graphics, and more.

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2024 SEGD exhibition + experience design

Start date: 20 June 2024
End date: 21 June 2024


This biannual 2024 SEGD event in Washington DC, themed “Transformational Impact of Exhibition and Experience Design,” is set to explore the pivotal role of design in addressing today’s complex global challenges. Focusing on issues like climate crisis, societal polarization, and technological ethics, it positions exhibition designers as change agents. The event offers a mix of keynote speeches, case studies, interactive workshops, and networking, aiming to foster conversations on controversial topics, engage diverse audiences, and showcase design’s transformative power. Attendees can expect immersive experiences, behind-the-scenes insights, and opportunities for professional growth and collaboration.

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The Bartlett Summer Show 2024

Start date: 21 June 2024
End date: 6 July 2024

The Bartlett Summer Show 2024 will showcase the architectural work of over 900 students, displayed across six floors throughout our Bloomsbury home. This event is free.

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14th international space syntax symposium 2024

Start date: 24 June 2024
End date: 27 June 2024

The Space Syntax Symposium aims to bring together scholars, practitioners and students who are currently working on Space Syntax and related approaches all over the world to share knowledge, to discuss theoretical and methodological advances as well as practical applications, and to explore directions for further collaborations with other disciplines.

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Our world and places are characterised by a diversity of individuals and groups representing the global majority, different cultures, gender identities, abilities and LGBTQIA+ people. However not everyone feels they have the same right to shape the city, from policy to practice to placemaking. What are the mechanisms that we can create or advocate to ensure our spaces and places reflect the diversity of those around us? Taking inspiration from Henri Lefvbre’s The Right to The City, this chat will explore what makes places special to different people and how the city can be shaped for the diversity of those around us.

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SEGD Academic Summit 2024

Start date: 26 June 2024
End date: 27 June 2024

The SEGD Academic Summit is a forum for trends in design education research, projects and curriculum innovation for design academics, students and researchers. This event is great for industry members as well, to reconnect and learn about new ideas evolving from current research. This event is entirely free and promotes the latest developments in design research and education.

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In order to bring about change, it is essential to examine phenomena from various angles, with different disciplinary perspectives (transdisciplinary), theoretical and methodological approaches, in order to come up with solutions to socially and environmentally important issues and ultimately work towards the well-being of people and society as a whole. Considering these challenges, the congress will focus on seeking strategies to promote sustainable environments that favour greater inclusion, social participation, and transdisciplinarity in addressing the needs of housing, mobility, and sustainability.

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Ghostsigns walking tour

Date: 24 August 2024

Join ghost signs expert Sam Roberts for this Ghostsigns Walk. You’ll take a stroll through Stoke Newington, and learn about its fading painted signs. You’ll hear their stories told, and those of the businesses they represent, including: The walk lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes on foot. Many of the featured signs are included […]

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AHI conference 2024: People / place / nature / stories

Start date: 9 October 2024
End date: 11 October 2024

More information to follow soon.

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