Forum Gdańsk, Poland

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Forum Gdansk Mall directory with map

Project Name: Forum Gdańsk

Client: Multi

Sector: Retail and leisure

Location: Gdańsk, Poland

The role: Sign design, wayfinding, map design and product design

The brief: Air Design’s aim was to develop an effective and systematic wayfinding scheme which helps to revitalise the historical areas and strong heritage within the famous city of Gdańsk.

The mixed-use development is formed by a combination of individual buildings, streets, squares, greenery and canals. It is home to 200 shops, the widest gastronomic offer in the region, modern entertainment, office space and the largest car parking facility in the city.

The mapping design, sign design and wayfinding needed to enable customers to efficiently navigate and explore the diverse areas and activities that this large development space has to offer, whilst developing a brand which represents and brings to life its unique identity.

Outcome: Forum Gdańsk has immediately become a must-visit place for shoppers and visitors to the historic port city, with more than 12.5 million people visiting its shopping and leisure facilities annually.

The signage concept took inspiration from the geometric shapes and patterns of the branding. The box design effectively plays with negative space to create interest and sits harmoniously within the environment. Whilst the box design reflects the unique features of the brand, the use of black and white contrast throughout the scheme creates a simple, complementary and sophisticated colour palette.

With only one access point into the malls and car parking spread across five levels, the navigation had a big role to play to help visitors find the entrance and, perhaps most importantly, their vehicle at the end of the visit. The new system, using different colours and large font sizing, helped to transform a once tricky navigation situation into one which is now easy to use.

All design aspects unify to create a dynamic space and a positive customer experience.

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Air Forum Gdansk Collage displaying examples of wayfinding scheme work