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The Sign Design Society (SDS) is for anyone interested in information and graphic communication within buildings and public spaces, including:

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Join us for an enlightening journey into the world of sustainable construction at Accelerating towards a Net Zero Built Environment, where industry experts will gather to explore groundbreaking innovations and strategies reshaping the industry. This dynamic event is dedicated to unravelling the complexities of decarbonisation, including how we can address both embodied & operational carbon, the role of retrofitting to optimise efficiency and facilitate the life-extension of existing buildings, and the importance of low carbon new development because what we build today will shape our tomorrow.

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Regen 2024

Date: 10 September 2024

Regeneration is about creating sustainable and resilient communities, and the Regen 2024 conference programme will once again reflect this. From freeing up green spaces to levelling up funds and social housing, our debate will travel across the country and visit various hot topics. Whether you wish to exhibit with us to market or sell your products and services, attract new investment, or establish new long-term business contacts and relationships, visit to meet potential suppliers or partners, or attend the conference to learn, discuss and debate the hot topics in regeneration, Regen offers something for everyone involved in the industry.

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Symbol ’24: Icons for s society: past, present & future

Start date: 19 September 2024
End date: 20 September 2024

An exploration of 40 years of Symbol Culture. The conference picks up on themes explored in Cooper Hewitt’s ‘Give me a Sign: The Language of Symbols’ exhibition (taking place from May 2023 – August 2024 in New York) which shows how our love affair with symbols and icons has developed using Henry Dreyfuss’s 1972 Symbol Sourcebook as a starting point. The conference takes the next step forward, demonstrating how emojis can be employed in worldwide applications involving healthcare, orientation, climate change, multiculturalism, diversity and inclusivity. It will end with an examination of the work of designers and artists who have been exploring universal communication and the place of AI.

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Placemaking Week Europe 2024

Start date: 24 September 2024
End date: 27 September 2024

Every year at Placemaking Week Europe, placemakers from around the world come together each year in a new host city to present expertise and ideas, share projects, discuss placemaking strategies and methodology, and work together with city municipalities to launch new placemaking initiatives in-situ. It is the most embedded urban festival in Europe with the distinct mission of creating better cities, together. Placemaking is the approach of building communities around a place, and places by communities. People are invited to reimagine and reinvent public spaces collectively. Placemaking connects economic and social well-being, as well as, quality of life strategically. Builds on the human need for prosperity, sociability and security. The movement builds on more than 50 years of experience in more than 50 countries.

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AHI conference 2024: People / place / nature / stories

Start date: 9 October 2024
End date: 11 October 2024

More information to follow soon.

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