Treetop Adventure Golf, Manchester Printworks


A night-time illuminated view of the signage for Treetop Advnture GolfProject Name: Treetop Adventure Golf, Manchester Printworks

Client: Treetop Adventure Golf

Sector: Retail and leisure

Location: Manchester (UK)

Role: Brand identity design – new, illuminated logo signage for exterior of Printworks.

The Brief: isGroup worked closely with SloanLED Systems and Applelec to create new, high-level signage for the rainforest-themed, crazy golf establishment, Treetop Adventure Golf.

Stretching an impressive 6350 x 2552mm in overall size, the large format signage consists of built-up, rim and return, illuminated letters, which were manufactured with green and ivory acrylic faces to align with Treetop Adventure Golf’s brand colouring.

Technical details: One of the most complex challenges of the project was the installation of the high-level signage which was mounted 20m from ground level. As a result of installing the installation at height, this meant the Treetop Adventure Golf signage had a number of installation factors that had to be considered to ensure the sign would be fitted securely.

Outcome: To guarantee the logo would be securely fixed, Applelec’s design engineer was instrumental in calculating installation factors such as wind loadings and structural requirements to ensure the total weight of the logos was spread accordingly.

To bring life to the previously lacklustre logo, lighting was integrated to create a more commanding feature. Matching the lighting to the corporate colouring of Treetop Adventure Golf was imperative and
for a tubing system to be flexible enough to outline the jagged logo design. For this SloanLED
FlexiBRITE was selected.

Tracing the outline of the aluminium sign tray, lengths of SloanLED’s green FlexiBRITE LED system
were integrated and shaped to precisely follow the rustic rough edge of the wooden plaque design.
Creating a mixture of meandering lines and acute angles of light, the highly malleable LED solution
was easily configured into the difficult positions, achieving vibrant, neon-style perimeter illumination.

Case Study Submitted By: Applelec, Michael Crotch, Sales Team Manager (Signage Division) (

Daytime view of the Treetop Adventure Golf signage displayed on the exterior facade of Manchester Printworks